SSRS powershell deployment

Yet another post on this topic? Well yes, historically deploying -the now called paginated reports- was pretty much relying on the cumbersome RS.exe. Luckily Microsoft started a powershell based ReportingServicesTools github repo back in 2016. Which is quite an improvement, but still I wanted a fully fledged way to deploy reports based on the actual release build of my SSDT reporting solution. And guess what, turns out Tim Abell had already created an awesome project on that. It had a few shortcomings for what I wanted to get done, hence I forked the project, and added a few features such as:

  • Logging integration using ScriptLogger module
  • Log dump of reportfolder hierarchy
  • Caller script (DeploySSRSSolution.ps1) which will call the solution deploy
  • Remove of RDL/datasource which are no longer in the project
  • Hash compare of RDL files (OverwriteReports param)
  • Support for database based credentials on datasources

Eventually I will refactor it to make full use of the Reporting Services Tools from Microsoft.

Check it out here: